Friday, November 13, 2009


i am coming back from my hometown! its good to be at home... hope to visit parents soon soon soon in december again~

life is still the same basically.. but had a long chat with a colleague of mine and i had encourage him to move forward for his dream / career.. but i know its not easy.. anyway lets wish him all the best! i hope after half a yr i will see you with your own business :)

what bout me? when should i move forward? next yr? following yr? big sigh!!

.. somebody is very much depress and sick now.. i hope he can get his problem solved real real real soon.. too bad he need to face all his problem alone, but i know he is a tough man and able to get through all the hassle, i am always here praying for you.. get recover soon and problem pls go away :( sunshine faster faster come.....

good nite, to people that i love....