Monday, January 28, 2008

beautiful sunday, tired me!

Went to NZX during Sunday.. purpose = attend its CNY launching concert.. main purpose= wanted to carry its 42"LCD back... it was pack with crowd! lots of ppl Q-ing for J&co donut and other shops are full with crowd also... we waited patiently and had our meal there... and started to queue half an hour before concert started... however, we dont managed to stand at most front, as the fans started to Q-up when the sun was still SHINE, about 2 and half hours before it starts... finally 7.30 comes.. but the organizer already selected contestant to go up stage to play games for LCD... its UNFAIR! but when i put hope on 2nd LCD tv, it started to rain HEAVILY... gosh T_T" .... regretly, darling & me never bring umbrella along... on top of that, Kenny and LiEn waited for us at Starbucks.. so..................... we gave up & went home.... luckily we went Lalacheong for nice dinner... at least i wont feel so sad.. hehee.... arghhh... TIRED ar......... i have decided to save more $$ for 42"LCD + Vii + jacuzzi for my future house! ^_^
Lastly, my comment on NZX... it cost RM320 million(gross development value)... and i dont think its really good...
1. toilets are available only in corner shop lot... the floor was wet and no user friendly for handicap people... i wondered, if the corner lots are occupied, then where is the backup toilet?
2. very hot
3. stalls units are small... don't have enough space for customers to eat / shop (very small fitting room)... pasar malam's stall even has bigger space..
4. foods are expensive and not tasty.. no speciality at all... what i can see from them are nasi lemak, fried mee hun, chee cheung fan, waffer.....
5. and etc..
Li En & me...
me, playing kenny's PSP :D

kenny and li en.. waited till bengang d...

NZX's view from Starbucks..
night.... waited for long huh ~.~

Lalacheong.. fried mee hoon..

darling's fav! dao fu gang...

fu yu yao mak...

Lala la la la la la :P

Saturday, January 26, 2008


hey ~

my colleagues

this is delicious ^^



me, alisa, penny

oh what a stupid pose

Happy Bday Mr. Sanka

Shangri-la hotel

me & alisa

akmal and the three girls in international trade dept

happy bday!!

Most Left: Chairman of Ceylinco Group, Deshamanya Dr. Lalith Kotelawala

the pub

she is always busy..

she is as sweet as candy..

Saturday, January 5, 2008

oh so nice... all my fav food :)

Curry bread

char keoy teow

Toufu & cuttle fish

Yummy Fried chicken

Half boil egg for breakfast

oh what a delicious breakfast