Friday, February 29, 2008

i'm exhausted

what i did today,
8.30am - went to west port, port klang for olein shipment loading and inspection
11.30am - went back office
12.30pm - reach office (damn it! Took one hour from port klang to office, damn far man! and spent a lot on tol.. grrrr.... *speechless*)
1.30pm - lunch
3.00pm - went out meet supplier
4.00pm - back to office
8.00pm - stepped out frm office
8.30pm - dinner
9.30pm - shower
10.00pm - surf net + blogging
10.30pm - sleep!

Note: spend almost 12 hours at work.. so can die.... mummy i am working like a cow everyday T_T


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

04/02/08 night

Dinner at Bibiwok

nice environment

yummy yummy!

hot hot chicken

curry fish head.. dont really like this coz they put too much santan..

mix vege .. taste good.. not oily...

after the dinner, uncle suggested to go massage.. so... hehehe...

fall asleep lastly... good night +_+