Saturday, April 19, 2008


碳世界means carbon world?? Yes... But the owner maned it GOODTIME restaurant. It is located in Bandar Puteri, opposite Bumbu Bali / Bibiwok restaurant.

It's actually a steamboat shop, that cooks with carbon / hot plate.


The 2 sauces ..

Chicken wings

Lemon juice

You can actually choose 3 flavors soup without additional charge, that are Asam, Herbal & original - normal.. We ordered Asam + Herbal... Vry nice! Asam is super hot and sour *yummy*


Visited Gong Fu Pan Mee @ puchong few times, but only managed to take one picture. The reason is, we order the same "Lor Mee" during every visit :P Anyway, it doesn't mean that other foods are not nice, but we are just loving it.
It looks not so perfect in this picture as its in black color, anyway, when it is served hot with black vinegar, pork, black fungus, vege etc, really nice.
Worth trying it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I'm SUPER fed up with this society now! what happen to the people?? i wonder, is anything goes wrong with our eduction? how come there is more and more case happened around us?? we are all born with clean and kind heart, then go through the same eduction and grow up! the only different is, the environment.... influenced the people! right?

Yesterday, Kenny, jack & me went ONE STATION at BANDAR PUTERI, PUCHONG for lunch. While everyone was concentrating on their laptop, suddenly, there was a hand in front of me and SNATCH AWAY the N95 of kenny. Then he ran to his motor(his partner was waiting for him outside-without helmet). What's so AMAZING is, he only took LESS THAN 5 SECONDS to finish off the whole snatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't even have the chance look at his motor plate, as we SIT INSIDE of the restaurant, and he needs to take about 10+ steps to reach our table. I WONDER, how can he take the hp so accurately? As the hp was hidden by the laptop and few cable.... GOSH! i bet he already observe us since we step to the restaurant....

another thing to mention is, the boss and staff of the restaurant witness the whole progress, but the staffs were standing there gossiping and the boss just shake his head and lil SIGH! NOT EVEN ASKING THE CUSTOMER WHETHER WE NEED TO MAKE POLICE REPORT, or ASK WHAT DID THE GUY SNATCH FROM US!

SO, for YOU, who is reading this, please ensure,
1. do not expose any valuable / expensive item on table while you are outside
2. do not sit on the most outside table as this will increase the possibility of becoming the victim
3. ESPECIALLY for girl, even if you happened to face with those bugger who would like to grab your handbag, please let it go (even we know that its the natural respond where we will pull & push with them).

Lastly, for those who always visit BANDAR PUTERI, please make sure you be alert of the environment around, (This is not the first case i ever heard in Bandar Puteri, CITIBANK side is also dangerous!! The aunty even fell down as the thief grabbed her handbag outside the bank)... and some description of the snatchers we faced yesterday were as below,
1. MALAY guys
2. fat guy (fair skin) will drive the motor and the thin one (dark skin) will snatch.
3.They drive EX-5 black color
4. VERY YOUNG (around 20+)

PLEASE BE ALERT PEOPLE!!!!! THE SOCIETY IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!